Our market

Three guidelines for an effective business model.

The agricultural irrigation sector and large spaces is our core business. SCOVA motor pumps and generator sets have reached quality standards of the highest level, appreciated by the main operators in Italy and abroad. This recognition is worth the successful entry into other markets. The business strategy is based on three guidelines:

Innovation and production sustainability

According to our approach, innovation exists when it improves working conditions, and protects the environment and people. We create ever better solutions for efficiency, volume of work cycles and impact on the planet's resources.


The SCOVA range consists of product lines rich in multi-purpose variations. Although our first thoughts are directed towards the world of irrigation, pumping and generator sets are widely used in many other applications.


Expansion into foreign markets is a steadily pursued objective. We invest in increasing the capillarity of the distribution network, we maintain solid and transparent relationships with historical retailers.

Markets and applications

Different purposes and services to be achieved with the same effectiveness.

  • Agricultural irrigation and livestock

    Our flagship, motor pumps and generator sets equip both traditional and digital irrigation systems. Manufacturers of the calibre of OCMIS Irrigation, IRTEC and Marani choose SCOVA innovation for rotary and pivot irrigation. Motor pumps are also used for ‘drip irrigation’ and ‘flood irrigation’ systems. On the livestock side, SCOVA products perfectly meet the need for pumping and distributing animal slurry, distributing liquid feed, oils, and fats, must transfer, and other ancillary activities.

    Agricultural irrigation and livestock
  • Building sites and construction

    The SCOVA range is used for excavations that have water in depth and that require drainage, waterproofing and consolidation activities of various kinds.  

    Water removal is possible with different hydraulic techniques and pumps for each type of scenario.

    In shipbuilding, pumps are often flanked by SCOVA GenSets for power generation.

  • Industry

    There are many uses for SCOVA pumps and motor pumps in industrial sectors. Wherever there is a need to lift and distribute a liquid, there is room for a pump. Based on the specific use, the technical department prepares the best solution for performance and material reliability. Our pumping systems are used in different sectors of industry.

  • Soil drainage

    SCOVA self-priming motor pumps are used to drain soils with the presence of groundwater. The techniques are often complex and change depending on the characteristics of the scenario such as terrain geology, air/water ratio present, peculiarities of the area of installation.

    This use is also valid for areas other than drainage such as monitoring groundwater in landfills or near chemical and petrochemical plants.

  • Water treatment

    SCOVA pumps are used in sewage treatment plants, sewage lifting stations and in the treatment of industrial wastewater. They are designed to pump liquids with suspended solids, and the materials with which they are built are resistant to the aggressive substances present in these waters.

    Water treatment
  • Emergencies and Civil Protection activities

    SCOVA motor-pump units are the perfect answer to emergency and natural disaster response needs, in situations of floods, overflow, and flooding where intervention is required to remove muddy water rich in debris.

    Civil defence activities also make use of SCOVA generator sets for immediate energy needs.

  • Naval

    SCOVA pumping systems are used in ports and on ships for washing, firefighting, bilge water removal, drainage and circulation, and fluid transfer of various kinds.


From theory to practice.

Concrete examples of motor pumps and generator sets at work.