Our values

There are two directions of our business, both relevant to the environment and people.

[VISION] Irrigate efficiently, less CO2 emissions.

We represent our uniqueness on the market by assigning to the chapter ‘innovation and product diversification’, the best minds, and important investments. Because we firmly believe in our organization as an instrument of change for the near and distant future.

It is hard for companies like ours to demonstrate their daily commitment to tackling issues such as the environment and pollution. When you are barely visible links in a long chain, for example. It is human to stop and only examine direct effects and consequences. But every system is made up of parts, and the proper functioning of each part ensures the perfect functioning of the whole.

[MISSION] SCOVA Engineering was born and has always worked in the agricultural irrigation sector.

Our products have always benefited from the most innovative technologies in every historical moment because the organisation's orientation has always been to respond concretely to the demand for better performance, water savings and less and less impactful consumption in COemissions.

With each pressurised delivery that SCOVA's motor pump units make, we demonstrate the results of our approach, which is echoed in the values of the organisation, the true pillars of the SCOVA way of doing things.

[VALUES] Every day, all day long.

  • Continuous improvement

    Our commitment is the answer to the question of what we can do better today than what we did yesterday. An attitude that radiates and contaminates multiple aspects of corporate life. The environment in which we work, the efficiency of our service, the selection of our catalogue, the impact we have on the territory and the community. Every moment is improvement.

  • Customized solutions

    Even if we wanted it to, it is impossible to think of a motor pump unit that fits everyone, the same can be said for generator sets. In both cases we are talking about performance to be met, pressure or power. Performance changes according to each scenario, and so do we. It is part of our DNA to be open to change.

  • Customer satisfaction

    The stakeholder par excellence, without detracting from the others. Anticipating their demands, even those not yet apparent, allows us to seize the best opportunities and continue to invest in the right direction.

  • Innovation and Responsibility

    We achieve product leadership because we invest in pursuit of excellence. We invest because we are responsible. We think that the result obtained is only the first step towards getting a better one. The good that comes with it is for man and the environment at the same time.

  • Quality

    Products and equipment are designed and manufactured in Italy. They are reliable and durable; we can afford to ship them anywhere in the world knowing that they will always be a success.

  • Code of Ethics

    SCOVA Engineering SpA adopts this Code of Ethics in the knowledge that corporate behaviour must always be guided by precise ethical principles.