We are a lever for change.

[WATER] + efficient irrigation

[ENERGY] - COemissions

Sometimes both, at the same time.

Each system is designed, studied, and assembled to have a low environmental footprint.

Water to change

Collection, lifting, water distribution.


Discover our range, reliable and always evolving. For hose reels, pivots and deep irrigation systems.


Energy to change

GenSet for agricultural and construction site use. Or for whatever you like.


Countless combinations of motors, alternators, and electronics. Never down in phase, ready to give you one Joule after another at every turn. Never out of phase, ready to give you one joule after another at every opportunity.


Our projects

the repeatable and the standard we have yet to meet.

Type of crop, terrain morphology and location of water sources: to all the same questions, for each a different solution.

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Banana Irrigation

  • Motor pumps
  • Senegal
  • 2020
  • KSB
  • 250M3/H
  • John Deere
  • 8bar

A historic Italian company, respectful to the territory and its people.

We are people of few words but many deeds, we even hear it from our customers across the border.

On the side of those who irrigate but not only

Scova Engineering

The DNA of Scova Engineering, wise, young, and forward-thinking.

It is a matter of inventiveness and product intuition, without ever forgetting that we are what we do.

Story of a time to come


Clear as water, our core values


Popular in Italy, first choice abroad.

Pivots around the world use Scova Engineering’s motor pumps.

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Notes to keep up-to-date

SCOVA Engineering SpA is now controlled by Carlyle

Global investment company Carlyle has acquired control of the OCMIS group companies, of which SCOVA Engineering S.p.A. is a part.

The press release includes details of the operation and comments from Adriano Montorsi, founder of OCMIS, and Filippo Penatti, Managing Director of the Carlyle Europe Partners advisory team.

Carlyle press release