Welcome to SCOVA Engineering

We are the ones who make generator sets and motor pumps for the major irrigation brands.

When we see a hose reel, or a pivot, in the countryside we run our eyes until we catch a glimpse of what is pressurising the water. And it always pleases us to read SCOVA Engineering.

Young, enthusiastic, with 50 years of service.

Always in step with the times, in fact ahead. Because man and the environment do not have to wait. Born SCOVA in 1970 and becoming Engineering later, we have changed everything while continuing to do what we have always done.

Today we are a solid point of reference for irrigation system manufacturers who equip their systems with our units. .

Raised with the idea of changing things

When we fit a SCOVA unit to an irrigation system, we feel as though we are participating in making the agricultural supply chain more profitable, its production more sustainable.
Every emission saved, every drop of water optimised, is the best drive to design the new.

Us, today.

years of history
countries to which we export
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The future is made up of good practices.

We have always thought so. The attention we pay to the world of agriculture, and irrigation, is tangible proof of how far we can go with the power of innovation. And how much more can still be done.

Our diversified and vertical range responds to the need for a future in which water and the environment are treated with all the attention they deserve..

We are water, we are energy.