SCOVA and its story

The world's agricultural irrigation is our home

Castelvetro di Modena, an ancient village rich in knowledge and tradition, where the land and its fruits are the common thread running through people and companies. It is in this setting that SCOVA Engineering was born from the demerger of SCOVA SpA, already a historic company well rooted in the territory. Today, we speak every language that has agricultural irrigation as its common denominator, and our motor-pump units stand out on the most modern and efficient irrigation systems.



The business is to produce and assemble motor pump units for agricultural irrigation, in support of self-propelled hose reels and other irrigation systems.


The generator sets

The 1990s brought a flurry of ideas and innovations which, reasoned and grounded, defined an important addition to SCOVA's offering in the early 2000s. Generator sets are the new parallel segment to motor pumps.

The stage at the EIMA in Bologna becomes narrow for the organisation, which decides to knock on the doors of Hannover, AGRITECHNICA and SIMA in Paris. International markets prove to be fertile ground.


Certification arrives

SCOVA is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015


Snapshots from southern Italy

SCOVA Engineering attends Agrilevante in Bari.


Self-priming motor pumps

More arrows in SCOVA Engineering's bow. Our country has unfortunately always been the target of hydrogeological natural disasters of varying intensity. The Civil Defence relies on the line of self-priming pumps for flooding and overflow scenarios and when areas need to be drained for reconstruction.


North Africa and the Middle East

New business opportunities from the international scenarios, Pollutec in Algeria and Saudi Power in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia.


New headquarters, same commitment

The evolution of production when it is of quality also becomes so in quantity. SCOVA's 35 people move to a new infrastructure to meet the demands of emerging markets.
The irrigation market is dominated by Pivots, front ramps and hippodromes. These systems must be equipped with efficient motor pumps, the best candidates being those of SCOVA.


More Middle East and Old Europe

Dubai hosts the BIG5, for SCOVA the United Arab Emirates is an opportunity taken for a new expansion. SIMA in Paris, on the other hand, is a well-established event.


EIMA, showcase and digital

The primary users of SCOVA motor pumps are the world's leading players in the design and production of irrigation systems. But those driving the market change the rules of the game and the word ‘plants’ is replaced with ‘systems’. Digital is making its way into corn fields, and any other crops, spreading new practices to irrigate better, with less water. SCOVA plays its part and works on low emissions and greater efficiency. The result is to remain the first choice in the configuration of new digital irrigation systems.


Trade fairs reopen, SCOVA is there

Despite the two years of obligatory downtime for social relations, we continued to work and fulfil orders. Even more than expected. The International Exhibition of Agricultural and Gardening Machinery in 2021, however, has its own flavour, that of a new beginning.


The future is only green

The new generation motor pumps are equipped with electronic engines with AdBlue tank and an exhaust after-treatment system, just like any vehicle produced in Euro 6D. Reduced consumption and the lowest possible CO2 emissions into the environment. Another step towards the lowest possible environmental impact.


The water and energy of SCOVA for Carlyle

Following the sale of the majority stake in OCMIS Irrigation, the production of pumps and gensets from Castelvetro is now branded Carlyle. Always supplier of pumping systems for the parent company, SCOVA confirms to be a decisive element for the strategy of the new ownership.